Area: Coaching and mentoring

American Coaching Association

The American Coaching Association was founded with the goal of making individualized coaching available to everyone who desires it. ACA’s mission is to: link people who want coaching with people who do coaching; acquaint the general public with the concept of coaching; provide coaches with training, supervision, and a professional community.

Mentors Peer Resource Network

The Peer Resources Network (PRN) is a Canadian-based membership-based service provided by Peer Resources, a non-profit, educational corporation, specializing in the development of peer, coach and mentor programs.

Sheffield Hallam University Mentoring & Coaching Research Group

The Mentoring and Coaching Research Group is active in conducting sponsored research and development and in supervision of research degrees. Members of the group conduct mentoring and coaching consultancy and individual mentoring, coaching and supervision.

The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation

A national charity that encourages the growth and development of mentoring and befriending across all sectors.

We do this by providing expert guidance and support, promoting quality and good practice, and working with others to demonstrate the difference mentoring and befriending makes to people’s lives.