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Use this FAQ guide to find the right coach or mentor for your needs.

What’s the difference between the searches?

QuickSearch is the fastest way of getting results but as it relies solely on keywords will not be as useful as the detailed search.

AdvancedSearch is a more sophisticated method of searching based on a customisable questionnaire combined with keywords.

NameSearch is designed for when you know the first or last name of the coach or the name of a company you are particularly searching for. This is useful if you have previously done a search and want to revisit a coach/mentor’s details.



How do I optimise my QuickSearch?

For best matches enter only specific words e.g. leadership sales manufacturing face-to-face.

  • Generic words like coach. industry, professional, experience
  • Linking words such as the, and, if, but etc

The keyword search will search the biography as well as other parts of the site and may therefore pick up on generic words used by the majority of coach/mentors within their biographies.


How will the results be ranked?

If you enter three keywords then a coach/mentor matching all three will rank above one matching two etc.



Can I choose multiple answers to a question?

Yes. Unless you see a round ‘radio button’ which denotes that you may only choose one option, you can choose multiple answers to questions. However, the more boxes you tick within a single question the more difficult it may be to find an exact match. We therefore recommend that you focus on your core criteria and then filter down when you see the number of matches you have.

Do I need to answer all the questions?

No, just answer the questions or sections that reflect your core needs or criteria

Can I conduct multiple searches?

Yes – you are given the option at the end of your search to search again and you can, at any point during your search, clear the form and start again.

What if I can’t find a coach or mentor who meets my needs?

If you have not found a coach or mentor who meets your needs from the online search and require personalised, professional support in finding a suitable coach or mentor to meet your needs then contact us to discuss further options.



Quick tip

Use this to find a coach or mentor by their name or company. You need only complete one of the fields.