About the service

What can I expect from a professional coach / mentor on the referral directory?

All of the coaches and mentors will:

    • Treat you with respect
    • Take time to understand your needs
    • Provide you with a clear explanation of their approach and how they believe they can assist you in meeting your needs
    • Explain the commercial terms and fee basis on which you will work together, including the structure and length or any service

How do the services work?

Self Service Option

Search the online coach / mentor directory.
View suitable matches and make contact direct with any coach / mentor you think may be able to help you.
When you make an enquiry to a coach or mentor listed with this service, your request will be sent to the coach or mentor who will respond to your enquiry directly. If you choose this option, then the contractual relationship you initiate is made directly with coaches or mentors who meet your requirements.
If you need further help to use this self-service option please take a look at the online guides created to make the service easy for you to use. The guides are Finding the right service and Help with the online search.

Managed services – for individuals

If you would prefer to receive our personalised services, where you are supported in all aspects of selecting your coach or mentor, including finding the right match, establishing a contract with them and identifying an appropriate form of evaluation for the services, this option is managed by one of our qualified professionals at Lauriate Ltd. In this case, the coaches we match you with, are contracted to take on your coaching programme as one of our associates. All coach/mentors who take on work as our associates are provided with an appropriate level of professional supervision throughout the term of your contract with us.

Managed services for Companies

Company coach banks are a popular option for ensuring that external coaches who are vetted and made available for your staff have the knowledge, skills and coaching approach to suits your culture and business needs. We support you with all aspects of this process and tailor the level of service to your requirements. Whether you are simply looking for support with assessment and selection of your coaches/mentors or the delivery of a complete managed service we can help you address your needs.

Commercial terms


Use of the search directory is provided free of charge and when you select a coach or mentor from the directory, you enter into a direct agreement with the coach / mentor you choose, independently of Lauriate Ltd. This means that we are not legally liable for any of the consequences of the choice you have made. Please see our Legal section for general terms of use for the self-service option.

Managed services

If you would prefer to receive our managed service, where you can be supported in all aspects of selecting and working with your coach or mentor, then an obligation free initial consultation is the first step in this process to establish your needs. We will develop a coaching/mentoring programme with you and also identify a short list of up to three potential coach/mentors who could meet your requirements. The final selection of who is right for you is always yours! A quote for services is provided before any commitment to proceed is progressed and mutual obligations are also set out in a formal contract for services.