Leading Teams: Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Intelligence

Presented by Ruth Wageman

Creating the conditions for team focused leadership is critical to address the global challenges we are facing in organisations. Now more than ever we need to use what we know about great collaboration to get them right. Teams have more resources, more diverse perspectives, broader networks of constituencies, and the ability to develop innovative strategies to solve the problems that affect all our lives. Cross-entity and cross-sector collaborations bring together leadership from municipalities, non-governmental organizations and businesses to effect sustainable solutions for organisations, communities & society.

Positive conditions can be put in place to increase the chances that teams will develop into brilliant collaborations and we can collectively use this knowledge to work intentionally together to address our most pressing problems.

Join us to explore how great teams can be forged, and how you can bring about inspired, creative, collaborations in your workplace.

Further information can be found on the Team Diagnostic Survey Website