Coaching & Mentoring Open Space Events

Several times a year, the Sheffield Business School hosts a coaching and mentoring day which provides a space for both practitioners and academics to get together and talk about what’s happening in this rapidly developing area. It’s a great opportunity to network with practitioners, consultants and researchers in the field, and is ideal if you would like to discuss research ideas, pose questions or simply catch up with what’s happening. Plus many see this event as a valuable CPD activity.


The day is run on ‘open space’ lines so the programme for the day is created by those attending.


You can now register your place to attend on the following dates:


Tuesday 27th February 2018 ( Click here to register)

Wednesday 9th May 2018 ( Click here to register)


The day, which takes place in the Charles Street building, usually runs from 10am – 4.30pm, with lunch and refreshments provided.


The standard fee is £120.00, with a special rate of £35.00 for CMN subscribers. Information regarding how to pay your attendance fee will be provided shortly after you have registered.