Celebratory stories and cautionary tales for coaching and mentoring in the 21st Century

A number of themes have been highlighted in the Winter issue of e-O&P which is Part One of a special two part feature on the future of coaching and mentoring.
Over the coming months, the CMN will be collecting any ‘stories or tales’ you are happy to share with us. You can share your story or tale in any format that takes your fancy [email/article/blog/video]. A ‘content analysis’ will be conducted of all the stories and tales we receive so we can ‘distil’ key themes to educate and inform future coaching and mentoring practice and services selection as well as provision.
Whether you are a coach, mentor or buyer of coaching services, please do share your story or tale. We will capture ‘themes’ only and if your story is selected to highlight an issue or theme, we promise to only provide direct ‘quotes’ or publish full stories or tales with your full written permission.

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