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If you become a full subscriber member, you will be showing your support for the values of inclusivity and diversity within a global community of coaching & mentoring practitioners and providers.

You will also be eligible to register your details on our online referral service. This is a great way to attract prospective clients as well as colleagues who share your interests.  The referral service is aimed at independent coaches & mentors from across the broadest range of approaches and complementary professional domains.

More than a list of providers

The CMN is essentially a community, so it is important to contribute as well as benefit from your engagement. This may be as simple as engaging with peer supervision or consultation with other members in a collegiate rather than a paid for relationship. People who become subscribers do so for many reasons, including being able to:-

  • Promote your services to a wider audience by joining our online referral database which is free for prospective clients to search
  • Receive requests for proposals direct from clients
  • Receive requests from journalists, researchers and others seeking information or comment
  • Receive requests from coaches, mentors and internal coaches searching for supervision or peer-consultation
  • Receive contacts from colleagues who wish to expand their personal network
  • Find colleagues to expand your personal network for Continuing Professional Development
  • Make your profile visible only to the CMN if this is your preference
  • Remove your profile from searches when you are not available and reactivate when convenient
  • Be considered for selection as a ‘featured coach or mentor’
  • Be considered for ‘associate’ roles as a coach or mentor with Lauriate Ltd when we deliver a ‘managed service’ to our clients.

Subscriber members pay an annual subscription of £49 inclusive of VAT

£49 per annum inc VAT (£40.83 ex VAT)
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All prices are in sterling


We welcome coaches and mentors from a diverse range of professional backgrounds to provide the widest selection of coaching and mentoring services for clients. A range of qualifications, accreditations and professional memberships are accepted as pre-requisites for registration. However, it is also possible to join if you possess appropriate competencies to deliver the services you are offering in the names of coaching or mentoring through experiential learning. We recommend that you include details of your experience, professional memberships and qualifications when you register for your online profile.

By registering with the Coaching & Mentoring Network Coach & mentor referral service you confirm that your practice is in conformance with our coaches’ commitment to quality. The act of registration confirms that you have read and understood both the commitment to quality and associated professional practice guidelines.

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Current Subscriber Offers

£20 discount off Becoming a Non-Executive Director – for Coaches and Mentors.
Contact Us to Request voucher code or to enquire about future dates for this workshop.

Team Diagnostic Survey

25% discount off of the all in one personalised package for Team Diagnostic Survey certification. If you are not familiar with the TDS, you can view a free introductory video covering the essential theory presented by Ruth Wageman, from Harvard University.
This exclusive offer for CMN subscribers at the special price is £693.75 ex VAT and includes the team report. Offer expires June 1st, 2017.

The one-to-one certification is designed with the busy executive or business coach in mind and delivered through self-directed learning, project implementation and a collegiate supervision process. You can learn at your own pace and the support through your first team project and beyond is provided by one of our experts. It is essential to have used the TDS with a real team to complete your certification, so the certification does have a performance component and clear value to discerning clients.
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e-Organisations & People

Registration includes your complimentary personal download of Part One & Two, of the e-Organisations & People 2 part feature on the future of coaching and mentoring. This is in a convenient pdf format.